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Avesthagen is India’s leading integrated systems biology platform company that focuses on achieving convergence of population genetics, food and pharma leading to predictive, preventive, personalized products. The Company is accelerating its core genomics programme and the commercialisation of its current and pipeline products and technologies leading to a public market listing targeted for 2021. Avesthagen is creating India’s genomics and precision medicine powerhouse. Its important and valuable genomics biobank and database is at the confluence of disease identification, clinical treatment and well-being with its goal to secure better patient outcomes at an acceptable cost proposition to developed and developing healthcare countries.


Our scientific and business-related activities, whether in the field of pioneering research, innovation, product development or strategic alliances, stem from our commitment to thread research with humanity. The business model of Avesthagen is to combine IP and product development through in-house research and collaborations. Avesthagen has built and continues to build an integrated, systems biology approach of capabilities, products, infrastructure and technology that allows for and facilitates cross talk between numerous disciplines, leading to unique and innovative solutions.  Since officially commencing business operations in 2001, we have grown into one of India’s leading Life Sciences Company. Our growth is fuelled by continuous innovation which we believe is vital for sustainable development and growth.


Partnering at early discovery in the space of Health, Wellness and Environment led to the commercialisation of new products and technologies. Avesthagen is a confluence of technologies coming together through the combination of databases, data mining, machine learning and Artificial intelligence to create Biomarker linked Precision Medicine, Agriculture & Nutrigenomics through The Avestagenome Project®, THE Dry Lab, and its subsidiaries.