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Threading Research with Humanity

Avesthagen Limited is an integrated systems biology company operating at the intersection of Food, Pharma and Agri-technologies to deliver actionable insights in Health & Wellness, Environment and population genetics based Precision Medicine.


Avesthagen’s corporate mission aims at delivering technologies in diverse sectors through its proprietary Predictive, Preventative and Personalized (“PPP”) healthcare platform. Avesthagen Limited as a holding company is the majority owner of the three commercial business units and a commercial R&D platform, The Avestagenome Project®. Since officially commencing business operations in 2001, we have grown into one of India’s leading Life Sciences Company. Our growth is fueled by our commitment to continuous innovation which we believe is vital for sustainable development and evolution.


Our significant Patent/IP portfolio has been valued above US $2 Billion, backed by a strong validated product pipeline. Our values, be it building a rich patent portfolio in functional foods and pharma, advancing vital systems biology issues and spearheading Precision Medicine, stem from our deep commitment to thread research with humanity. Our discovery pipeline is powered by an integrated systems biology approach geared towards bringing science to your lives, adding value and sustainable growth.


The Avestagenome Project® is our latest project which is a unique study of the endogamous Parsi Zoroastrian community diaspora through ML/AI based big data analytics leading to Biomaker-linked Precision Medicine for cancer, neurodegenerative and rare diseases. Our integrated systems biology platform will leverage the latest in the multi-omics approach to yield comprehensive biological insights resulting in actionable outcomes for clinical research. Our multi-omic data integration and informatic platform will use the data from The Avestagenome Project® to discover hidden subgroups of patients who will most benefit from a given therapy, delivering the means for truly Personalized medicine.


At Avesthagen Limited, our continued vision is to harness our systems biology approach facilitating cross talk between numerous disciplines leading to unique and innovative solutions for the development of the next generation of omics-led precision medicine, diagnostics, nutrigenomics and agriculture. Our innovative model of out-sourcing regulatory, manufacturing and marketing through partner networks and strategic alliances provide value added benefits, enabling us to primarily focus on our core R&D and product development strengths.