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Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell

Executive Chairman & CMD, Ph.D.

John Mckinley

Executive Director, Strategy & Governance, Solicitor (UK), FIoD

Sanaya Zareer Patell

Director, Ph.D.

Rubeen Malkani

Director, Honorary Doctorate

Strategic Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Rita Colwell

11th Director, National Science Foundation, USA, American environmental microbiologist and scientific administrator.

Prof. Satyajit Mayor

Director, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS-TIFR)

Prof. Chris Bowler

Ecole Normale Superior

Prof. Partho Majumdar

Director, National Institute for Biomedical Sciences.

Prof. Riccardo Polosa

Professor & Surgeon of Internal Medicine, University of Catania

Management Team

Sandesh GN, MBA

Business & Strategy

Dr. Arati Khanna Gupta

Vice President 

Research & Development

Dr. Sudha Rao Ph.D

Grant Project Manager

Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam

Project Sample & Bioinformatics

Genotypic Technology

Dr. Paul Morril

Strategic Management of Diagnostics Projects

Dr. Farah Patell Socha

Strategic Management of Diagnostics Projects

Gururajan G

Financial Controller

CS Neha Rani

Company Secretary

Ms. Kouser Sultana

Corporate Affairs & Documentation 

Expert Advisors:

Cyrus Bharucha (Partner)

Principle Auditors: Mazars (India)

Ajay MR

Management, Structure and Compliance

SDMS Management Consultancy LLP

H.C. Khincha & Co

Tax Auditors 

KT. Vijay Associates

Company Secretary Support 

Mr. Tucker McGaw

IT Infrastructure

IP: K&S Partners (India); Marks & Clark (Canada, EU), Other: USA & ROA