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Avesthagen was founded as a grid of verticals of biodiversity and horizontals of “omics” platforms. It has grown into an internationally recognized pioneer by using systems-biology to facilitate Scientific Discovery & Technology Development, with the aim of delivering innovative products and technologies for Healthcare, Wellness and Agriculture. The convergence of food, pharma and population genetics delivered by the Company offers a unique pathway to the understanding of chronic disease and the wider role of health-related products during treatment. Additional insights and outcomes from this novel approach deliver wellness, nutrition, energy and environment solutions impacting wider global issues.  


The Company is accelerating its core genomics programme and the commercialisation of its current and pipeline products and technologies. Avesthagen is creating India’s genomics and precision medicine powerhouse. It’s important and valuable genomics biobank and database is at the confluence of disease identification, clinical treatment and well-being with its goal to secure better patient outcomes at an acceptable cost proposition to developed and developing healthcare countries.