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Avesta Nordic’s products are focused on the prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions, particularly Diabetes (through reduction and maintenance of blood glucose levels), Osteoporosis (through promotion of bone formation and reduction of bone resorption) and Cardiovascular Disease (through reduction of triglycerides and increase in HDL cholesterol) and on the improvement of certain everyday health functions. Including stress management, pain management, digestion, immunity, performance enhancement and weight management.


Avesta Nordic’s goal is to become a leading player in field of ‘Food for Medicine’ by incorporating life-enhancing natural ingredients into everyday food – promoting wellness through prevention of specific degenerative conditions while offering great-tasting products. We are focused on global product development and commercialization, targeting health conscious consumers with products based on scientifically and clinically validated bioactives – derived from traditional Indian medicine. Our research programmes have delivered a portfolio of scientifically validated botanical bioactive ingredients. The Company is in the process of developing a manufacturing alliance for AvestaDHA™. The Company’s own Avesta Good Earth Foods® Brand carries Functional muesli, breakfast cereals, crackers and bars.


Growth Drivers


■ Focused on global product development and commercialization targeting health conscious consumers

■ Products and product candidates are based on scientifically and clinically validated bioactives – derived from traditional Indian medicine

■ Use of functional foods and dietary supplements have been demonstrated to help prevent diseases, promote health and wellbeing, and supplement other treatments for chronic and degenerative disease

■ The Indian nutraceutical market is currently worth c.$2.8bn, accounting for only 1.5% of the global Nutraceutical market. The Indian market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 17% (double the growth rate of the global market) to reach $6.1bn by 2021

■ Ageing population with higher incidence of lifestyle related, chronic diseases, diabetes, CVD, bone & cognitive disorders

■ Increasing consumer affordability, burgeoning middle-class (400m people)

■ Health consciousness focusing on wellness, preventive approach

■ Need for safer and economical alternatives to allopathic medicines

■ Increasing self-medication; rising confidence in alternative medicine

■ Backed by influencers such as dietitians, fitness experts and doctors


Avesta Good Earth Foods


Avesta Good Earth Foods is an Indian food company with global ambitions, dedicated to developing nutritious alternatives for breakfast, daily snacks, and functional food for all who strive towards promoting wellbeing through a healthy diet. We add value by developing and marketing product lines Fortified with nutritional bioactives Sourced from traditional Indian medicine. Clinically validated by techniques of modern science. Avesta Good Earth Foods will play a key role in Avesthagen’s long-term strategy to launch its branded nutraceuticals as Functional Foods targeting the burgeoning health foods market in India. The new line of business will also complement the company’s core philosophy of promoting good health and wellbeing in India and abroad.