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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

–  La Rochefoucald

Avesthagen’s R&D programmes have developed a formidable portfolio of validated botanical bioactives using our proprietary ADepTTM and METAGridTM database platforms which combines the knowledge of traditional natural medicines with manufacturing in collaboration with globally recognized nutraceutical companies.


Avesta Nordic


  • Focused on development and commercialization of products that target health conscious consumers globally
  • Products and product candidates are based on scientifically and clinically validated bioactives, derived from traditional Indian medicine
  • Use of functional foods and dietary supplements has been demonstrated to help prevent diseases, promote health and well-being, and to compliment other treatments for chronic and degenerative diseases


At Avesta Nordic, our philosophy is to develop products that feed into the global demand for safer, natural healthcare alternatives. Our goal is to become a leading player in the nutraceutical market by promoting products that incorporate proprietary, scientifically validated bio-actives into everyday food to promote wellness and health.


Avesta Nordic’s Functional ingredients, such as Teestar®, Cincata®, BonapureTM & BonaphyteTM have scientifically and some of them clinically validated health benefits to promote wellness through prevention of specific degenerative conditions: diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndromes, cardiovascular disorders and bone loss.


AvestaDHATM is derived from microalgae, a vegetarian source of DHA, allows Avesta Nordic to uniquely position itself in the DHA market as a 100% vegetarian source DHA of global quality at an affordable price.


Avesta Good Earth Foods


Avesta Good Earth Foods is an Indian food company with global ambitions, dedicated to developing nutritious alternatives for breakfast, daily snacks, and functional food for all who strive towards promoting wellbeing through a healthy diet. We add value by developing and marketing product lines Fortified with nutritional bioactives sourced from traditional Indian medicine clinically validated by techniques of modern science. At Avesta Good Earth Foods, we believe that food can be therapeutic, if careful attention is paid to customize dietary inputs with respect to individual needs. We believe in providing personalized healthcare by creating balance from within.


Our focus is Ready to launch functional ingredient, functional food and OTC products through modern trade and e-commerce in India and available for licensing worldwide.