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With changing environmental landscapes linked to global warming, Avesthagen is committed, now more than ever, to bringing about a change in the lives of the farmers through their Environmentally Adjusted Crop Technology™. Farmers ought to be the most admired community anywhere. Living on minimal resources, they feed us, they maintain our rich rural heritage and seriously attempt to conserve the environment. We appreciate the significant role they play and need to respond by developing and providing new and appropriate technologies to enhance their quality of living.


Environmentally Adjusted Crop Technology


Agricultural science has focused on two main goals for decades: to increase (1) yield and (2) quality of agricultural products by improving the protection of crops from diseases or limitations caused by pathogens, insects, nutrients and stress. These goals have significant economic implications, which are affected by environmental conditions. Environmental stresses represent the most limiting factors for agricultural productivity worldwide. Abiotic stress, especially salinity and drought, is the primary cause of crop losses worldwide. Avesthagen has established Ava Seeds® Private Limited as a vehicle to deliver the latest agribiotech technologies developed in-house dealing predominantly with grain, seeds and vegetable productivity.


Avesthagen’s efforts in this direction will go further than solving the food problem. It will provide better and more sustainable Nutrition worldwide. Agriculture still remains the foundation of the Indian economy, contributing about 25% of the GDP.



Ava Seeds®


■ Avesthagen’s agri-biotechnologies division has been engaged in the development of novel seed research and development of seeds technologies, testing and certification.

■ The R&D focus and intellectual property has been developed around genes and promoters that enable the synthetic production of proteins and the generation of a specific GMO plant. In this respect, the Company has developed a process patent on first, transformation of pearl millet and secondly, a modified tobacco plant reducing nicotine by c.80%.

■ Ava Seeds® has developed cutting edge GMO technologies for traits such as drought stress, salinity stress, nitrogen use efficiency and also in the area of enhanced nutritional value, abiotic resistance (drought and salinity) and biofuels. The agriculture patents have substantial value and the next steps will include trials in the US, bringing validation and progression through the regulatory process. The Company will commercialize its technologies and products with Indian and global industry players.