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The Avestagenome Project®️ was conceptualized with the intent of building a complete genealogical, medical and genetic database of the Parsi population in India.


It aims at studying human diseases by bringing together genetic, disease and genealogical data of the Parsi community and studying the linkages between these aspects with a view to advancing knowledge of the inherited components of human disease. The Parsi Ethnic Group is ideal for population research because it is small, homogenous and localized to a limited geographical area in India. The data repository will also house information from the public domain and the results from the Project’s molecular analyses and studies. This is the largest epidemiological study conducted in India. Such databases are rare and extremely valuable for Big Pharma’s pipeline discovery programmes. 


With a dedicated management and laboratory leadership team, THE Dry Lab will combine product development capabilities with directed research services. In addition to its mainstream research and grant-directed programmes, it will incubate Life Sciences start-ups that can leverage Avesthagen’s research and population databases, its scientific expertise and selected intellectual property to drive wider practical outcomes and commercialization of Avesthagen’s research programmes. The Avestagenome Project®️ aims to uncover the basis of longevity in the Parsi population and the preponderance of some age-related diseases. Results of the project are expected to have wide-ranging implications on human health for the general population around the world.