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“Global healthcare should be predictive, preventive and precise, based on population genetics”

The Avestagenome Project® was conceptualised with the intent of building a complete genealogical, medical and genetic database of the Parsi population in India. The Avestagenome Project® will identify within the Zoroastrian population, genetic risk factors which predispose individuals to cancers, elucidate gene function and improve public health through early intervention whilst improving disease prevention strategies and delivering improved patient health outcomes.




Our mission is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind Zoroastrian ‘Living Blood Bank’ designed to advance healthcare by turning to real-world data. Data obtained from sequencing the Zoroastrian communities in India and globally using a high-throughput multi-omics based systems biology platform will deliver community healthcare insights to improve clinical outcomes worldwide positioning the Avestagenome Project® as a leader in personalised Precision Medicine.


Unique Directive


The Parsi Zoroastrian Ethnic Group is ideal for precision medicine based population research because it is small, homogeneous and localized to a limited geographical area in India. The data repository will also house information from the public domain and the results from the Project’s molecular analyses and studies. This is the largest epidemiological study to ever be conducted in India. Such databases are rare and extremely valuable for drug discovery pipeline programmes across multiple future generations.

The importance of the Parsi community’s unique genomic characteristics has been recognized by the US-based Foundation for a Smoke Free World (whose mission is to end smoking within this generation). With a dedicated management and laboratory leadership team, this international grant-directed programme aims on maximizing the value outcome from The Avestagenome Project® ’s comprehensive data repository/blood bank, and AGENOME’s longitudinal sample and patient records, prioritizing research in lung and environment-induced cancers. Results of the project are expected to have wide-ranging implications on human health for the general population around the world.

The Avestagenome Project® will house information from the public domain and the results from the project’s molecular analyses and studies to deliver predictive, preventive and personalized medicines and qualified drug targets for a range of high morbidity diseases of global relevance.

When complete, the Parsi Zoroastrian cohort population and separate Indian population cohorts will represent one of the most unique and advanced global targeted population genomics projects.


The use of a closed Parsi Zoroastrian control population is the key differentiator from other initiatives, enabling the study of targeted cancers and the preponderance of age-related diseases. This accelerates detection opportunities for the project goals – to identify biomarkers (diagnostics) for predicting cancers and diseases and provides targets for related drug development programmes. Also, providing research and commercialisation partnering options with sovereign genomics programmes. The Avestagenome Project® additionally aims to uncover the basis of longevity in the Parsi population.